One cup of hot water, juice of half a lemon, stir. Enjoy. You can also add a drop of local honey to sweeten it up.

I think of myself as a morning person. My husband would probably disagree. Mainly because I’m very routine and in a hurry. (He is a bit more leisurely in the morning than me.) During the weekday, some would label my morning routine a habit. But when you work full-time and spend 40 minutes traveling one way, there is no time to waste. For years, I wouldn’t even think about doing anything without my huge cup of Joe (with high-calorie creamer). Sometimes two cups when I’m really dragging. All before breakfast, shower and makeup. Then, I’d proceed to drinking coffee until 10 am at work. Truth be told, I was addicted to the caffeine.

Then, three weeks ago, a coworker introduced me to hot water with lemon as a new way to start the day. She and her daughter had seen great health benefits. Let me just say, I’m very thankful to know this. Not only have I kicked my coffee habit but I’m seeing many benefits including healthier digestion and weight loss. Other personal benefits of hot water with lemon:

  1. The combination of the warm water and the lemon makes me feel clean and less bloated.
  2. My skin feels clearer, and the inflammation around my eyes seem less pronounced. This probably has something to do with the Vitamin C in the lemon.
  3. Makes my morning routine easier. I no longer go for the coffee first thing, I feel happier and it helps cut my hunger cravings. I’ve also noticed my common “food crash” in the afternoon, is gone. It’s amazing.

What energizes you in the morning? What pros/cons have you found to jump start your day? I’d love to know.

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